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    Ben Nawrath
    Ben Nawrath

    Hey everyone,
    A guy who’s I’ve gotten some old tools from including my drum sander and drill press) is retiring and moving. He’ll be home (Sag Harbor) Sunday and for a few days. His email is below, if you’re looking for some tools.

    Re: June sale
    “Jim Ritter” <>
    Today, 11:01 AM
    Hi Ben,
    I’m heading to Sag Harbor on Saturday and will be packing up the shop Sunday through Wednesday. If you know anyone that would like to but an Emmert turtleback vise and a metal leg solid core door bench, B.O.S.S. oscillating spindle sander, small (really small) Walker-Turner drill press, portable coal forge, Craftsman scroll saw from their gold painted era.. And more as I dig them out or decide I don’t want to bring it.

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    Don Dailey

  • Daryl Rosenblatt

    Oooh, an Emmert. I wish I had one of those years ago, when I put my bench together.

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    Bill Leonhardt

    I went to see the Emmert vise. Nice condition, but WAY outside my cost-comfort zone. That being said, he does have (and markets) a nice chain mechanism for a leg vise. See:

    I was impressed enough to buy one.

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    Ben Nawrath
    Ben Nawrath

    Whats the matter Don, you’s guys don’t talk NY englsh?

    Nice guy too right Bill?

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    Bill Leonhardt


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