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    Rick Nicolini

    Hi Guys,
    I was called to a lock job today by Pete Bonchonsky, son of Mike Bonchonsky an original member of the club.While on the job I was speaking with Pete’s wife mentioning I was a member of the club and fellow woodworker. with that she mentioned she has about a 2’slab cut from a Ginkgo tree from their backyard.She was interested in making a table out of it. I said I have a great idea. Let’s get the club together to make something out of the slab to honor Mike Bonchonsky’s Memory.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    PS Sorry having trouble attaching photo
    Rick Nicolini

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    Charlie James

    I believe it is more of a carving wood, kind of soft. Is she just looking for a keepsake?

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    Rick Nicolini

    Hi guys ,
    I realized I used the wrong terminology. I called it a slab of wood . Its actually a trunk piece of wood.

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    Rick Nicolini

    Here is photo of tree trunk slab

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    Charlie James

    Rick, Have to get some sealant on there before it splits. It’s nice and clean..

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    Joe Bottigliere

    You might want to ask the turners for help in making some legs for this. Then you can flatten the top and give the Bonchonskys a nice keepsake.

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