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    Daryl Rosenblatt

    Since I haven’t gotten any more, I can only say, “I told you so!”

    Except now somebody has to come here and write a review:

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    Robert DeMarco

    Daryl I have eaten difara pizza many times . Pizza is good and fresh. The old man is crazy and the place is really not that clean . But people start to line up at 11 am and wait for up to two hours for a pie We We’re working in the area and one of the guys would go place our order and then go back to pick it up .

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    Daryl Rosenblatt

    If you read my review (Hint to all members, READ THE NEWSLETTER!) I referred to the condition of diFara, since, like you, I think it’s germaine. And please consider this another call for reviews of not only pizzerias, but local hardware stores, since they have to be supported by us above all else.

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