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    Michael Luciano
    Michael Luciano

    I have a Sargent 722 plane which was a gift from a friend many years ago who purchased it at a garage sale for $2.00. The plane is probably 60 or 70 years old. After some research I was able to adjust the plane and was getting shavings of about 0.001” thick.
    Joe B for the round robin meeting suggested people bring in planes they wanted to have adjusted. I would like to publicly thank Joe for taking the time and effort to flatten the back of my plane blade,and teaching me how to do it. Joe spent the better part of the meeting working on the blade. Shavings are now less then 0.0005” thick, as best I can measure.
    This is what the Club is all about. Thanks Joe.

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    Charlie James

    You’re right Mike. Joe’s always willing to help out, especially the new members. You’re ready for the plane shaving contest!

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    Daryl Rosenblatt

    So we now have two official entrants, Mike and Charlie. You can’t back out now!!!!

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    Joe Bottigliere

    That’s great, Mike. Glad I can help. I wish others had brought in their planes that needed tuning. (If for no other reason than NOT to grind your blade all night.) :) That is a pretty cool plane, though. You can see it was made as well as any bedrock style plane. Use it well.

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