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    Daryl Rosenblatt

    In giving this matter great thought, the case of Bottigliere v James


    Joe B. considers them essential for figured wood
    Charlie J. considers them for weenies

    having conducted extensive research, and also looking at my own jointer,


    Joe B. is right. I mean, I have a Byrd cutterhead in my jointer, it’s terrific for figured wood and it’s easy to change blades, if and when I have to, considering how long carbide can last). And once I saw Marc Adams changed his blades to Byrds, I figured (pun so intended you better groan now) I should do it to. So I changed the cutterhead.

    Toothed planes, whether hand powered, in a hand plane, or powered, in a jointer and planer, have definite places in woodworking. And to say otherwise is simply, well, disagreeing with, um, somebody.

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    Charlie James

    I disagree completely! Habeus corpus and all..

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    Daryl Rosenblatt

    Objection overruled. You cited the WRONG statute.

    If you said habeus ferrum, you might have had a case. Too late now. Try again…..

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    Charlie James

    Habeus ferrum!

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    Daryl Rosenblatt

    After due consideration, here is my ruling:

    Dicitur magis praevaluit egressusque est tuus. Ego autem dico vobis, non etiam nuper scripsi.

    So back to the drawing board, your argument holds no pondus.

    And it’s in Latin, so it MUST be correct.

    The score thus far is:

    Dente ferro 1
    Anti dente ferro -1 (you lost a point when you introduced an argument that was already ruled out). You better write fast too, this white curly wig is way too tight.

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    Ben Nawrath
    Ben Nawrath

    Flagelus with Creamcheesium.

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