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    Roger Schroeder

    Hi, Guys,

    As hard as it is to rid myself of wood I won’t likely use, I did cull out a few pieces to give away.
    They include:

    5 pieces of birch 2 1/2″ square by 21″ long
    1 piece of birch 3″ by 7″ by 29″
    2 pieces of maple 1 3/4″ by 6″ by 29″
    4 pieces of paulownia 7″ to 10″ by roughly 5′

    There are other shorts that include 4/4 beech and maple and some walnut and sassafras planks that came directly from a sawmill.

    Plus, I have a piece of old-growth redwood that measures 5 1/2″ by 9 1/2″ by 33″ (these measurements are correct!)

    I’ll give it a week to see if there are any takers. If no one’s interested, the wood will be cut into smaller lengths and given to friends who have fireplaces.

    Happy holidays to all.

    Roger Schroeder

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    Joe Bottigliere

    Hey Roger,
    I would really hate to see that go up in smoke. That would be a shame. Unfortunately, I am unavailable all this week and Amityville is not a quick run from Bohemia. But if it is still available when I have the opportunity, I will take you up on that. But first come, first served. Someone should take advantage and save this lumber from a horrible fate.

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    Robert DeMarco

    Roger I can come take it off your hands if still available I am around tomorrow.

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    Roger Schroeder

    Hi, Robert,
    I see, according to the membership roster, you’re in the Islips. I’m in Amityville. My address and phone number also in the roster.
    If you can come between 9 and 10 tomorrow, Thursday, that would work really well for me. If not, the wood is under a blue plastic tarp near the garage.
    You don’t have to take it all. You may envision no use for some of it. If boards and scraps end up in a friend’s fireplace, I feel that’s a decent final chapter. The curb-side pick up isn’t.

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    Robert DeMarco

    Roger I will be there around 930 .

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