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    Bill Leonhardt

    I am posting this for an acquaintance where I work at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. If interested, please respond to Peter Romano directly.

    I am in pursuit of a cabinet maker to build a Design. I have all of the wood material, hardware and drawings.

    High-Level Description;

    Box 18 inch x 18 inch x 2 inch high; 1/2 inch hardwood perimeter; cover top and bottom is 1/8 inch thick birch finish. The corners are either Lock Mitre or splined Mitre; (to finalize). Attached is the initial work-in-progress unit in order to gauge size; shape and dividers. It is one of 5 different designs. The other designs vary slightly in size and they have more Divider Assembly Detail. The effort also includes to work with Acrylic; 1/8 inch thick; approx 2 inch x 1 foot cut from 2 foot x 2 foot sheet.

    Separate handle and all of the hardware is provided. Hardware locations are specified on the drawings.

    I need to get started; in this pursuit. It is 1 of 5 different units. The interaction with a LI Woodworker Member will hopefully DEVELOP and gain efficiencies in the construction of the other units.

    For starters; i have material from Home Depot. Neither the material and or source IS OPTIMIZED for moving forward. I have to consider with your guidance; Roberts Plywood and Urban Specialty to plan ahead.

    My intent in presenting this to The LI Woodworkers for construction is because the FINAL deigned unit has to interact as a MAGNET of what potential customers will desire based on what they see in the design and finish. From what I have seen of member’s work/skill and CALIBER. That is IMPORTANT and is relative in building the unit so that it will reflect what will be offered in the final design unit.

    I realize there is time $ and material $ you will require. To find and work with that person so that the unit is built with them. To find someone to work with and finalize the concept. To determine how best to work with them to construct the First unit of each design. Do i need to be there and or need to be away?

    As discussed; attached is the first CRUDE work-in-progress.
    There is more detail of divider assembly. The prints identify RAISED divider. I have material and hardware and the detailed drawings.

    What i am looking for is certainly the person(s) to build AND there are assembly and corner joinery required for this.
    The design in therms of form-and-fit; functionality is already established. It was put-on-paper to build. Once built with guidance; this is FINAL UNIT to show-case.

    Advise on your arrangement for labor compensation. By day or by hour. Strategically; the first unit will take time and the understanding of working arrangements. After the FIRST ONE is completed; efficiencies are anticipated to be realized in order to GROW to the next designs. This is new to me. Your help and guidance IMPORTANT. To get started; this isn’t something to present to a factory. I thought to present to LIWoodworkers.

    Please advise. Certainly open to discussion and your advice here and to compensate for your guidance and consultation.

    thank you



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