Long Island Woodworkers By-Laws - As revised at the October 7, 2009 General Meeting

Article One: Purpose

The Long Island Woodworkers (LIW) advances the arts and crafts of fine woodworking through education, programs, and activities focused on sharing the knowledge, skill, and experience of woodworkers and the utilization of such knowledge, skill, and experience to provide educational, charitable and community services.

Article Two: Membership

Membership shall be available to any person with an interest in woodworking. A prospective member shall complete an application form furnished by the Membership Chairperson. Upon payment of the prescribed dues, he or she shall become a member, receive a membership card, and be placed on the membership roster mailing, and e-mail list of the LIW. Members in good standing may vote, hold office, serve on committees, and participate in exhibits and other LIW activities. Membership shall be extended to families.

Persons under the age of 18 years who are not a member of the LIW must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times during a LIW monthly meeting or workshop. To become a member, the minor and his/her parent or guardian must meet with the Membership Chairman at a monthly meeting in order to sign a membership consent form. The parent or guardian will be advised that no one under the age of 18 will be allowed to operate machinery of any kind, at any club function. Once membership has been granted to a person under 18 years of age, the parent or guardian must assume total responsibility for monitoring their child during the meeting, and provide a means of transportation to and from all LIW functions. The LIW Board has the right to ban any member if he/she becomes harmful or disruptive to the organization.

To meet the necessary expenses of the LIW, an annual membership fee shall be collected from each member with the amount of the fee to be set by the Board, The membership fee covers the LIW year, which runs from January to December. For new members, applications and dues received after September 30th will apply for the remainder of the year and apply to the following full year. This also applies to the Special Interest Groups.

Article Three: Board

The LIW shall elect through the general membership vote a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, two Trustees and a Membership Chairperson. These collective positions shall herein be identified as the “Board”. . The Chairpersons of the following standing committees shall be nominated by the Board and ratified by the general membership with a vote at a general meeting: Show Chair, Newsletter Chair, and Website Chair. These collective positions shall have the right to vote at a Board meeting. The past President may remain as a voting Board member ex-official for one year to advise and comment on LIW business. The Board will meet no less then on a quarterly basis (as evenly spaced as possible); be open to the general membership and post the meeting agenda a minimum of two weeks before the meeting in the Members Only Section of the Website forums. Results of these meetings will be posted in the Woodrack and in the members’ only section of the LIW web site. Votes on issues must indicate number of for or against each issue. Items of importance can be address in-between these meetings can be conducted via E-mail. The Board shall have the right to establish committees deemed necessary for the running of the LIW. The Board shall also determine which of the committees shall be represented by a member or a full officer of the Board. If an officer of the Board holds more than one voting position, that person’s
vote will only count for one.

A quorum of two-thirds members of the Board must be present (or via e-mail) at a Board meeting when any issues are to be voted upon. Of those Board members present, a quorum of two-thirds is necessary to ratify a decision. Should a vote be necessary at any meeting of the Board attended by an even number of Directors and if, and only if, a tie vote should result, the President, or in his absence the Vice-President, shall be required to cast a second vote as a tie-breaker. (These functions can also be held via e-mail. The Secretary will be responsible to keep all documentation).

Article Four: Office Vacancy

If any of the officers or Board members are unable to continue to serve, the remaining Board shall, with at least a quorum present, and as soon as is practical, name a successor to carry out the unexpired term of office. If no successor is to be named, a reason shall be explained to the membership, at the General Meeting, via e-mail and the newsletter.

Article Five: LIW Meetings

LIW meetings shall be held once each month of the year at times and locations set by the Board and agreed by the membership. The vote on this is to be taken at a general meeting. The Board may amend the schedule for extraordinary reasons.

Article Six: Committees

Committees shall administer routine activities of the LIW. The following standing committees shall be maintained in relation to their respective duties:

Program Committee

The Program Committee’s responsibilities include but are not necessarily restricted to the following: to schedule specific programs and workshops to meet the needs of the members. The Program Committee will also be responsible for keeping safe and maintaining LIW audio-visual equipment, and monthly meeting raffles and refreshment arrangements. A yearly budget will be set by the Board based on the request of the Program Committee Chairperson, and will be reviewed annually. Once accepted by the Board, it will be available for the membership. The Board will establish the maximum amount that can be spent for any one LIW meeting or special event. The Vice-President is the Program Committee Chairperson.

Show Committee

The Show Committee will schedule and operate an annual showcase of member’s works. The Board will review the show budget annually. If the position of Show Chair is vacated after the dates of the last show, the Show Committee will nominate a Show Chairperson and present it to the Board. The Board will vote for approval of the nominee and ratify the vote with the general membership at the next monthly meeting.

Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee’s duties will include but not be limited to preparing and distributing, via e-mail where possible, a monthly newsletter to all members in good standing, and maintaining an annual budget authorized by the Board.

Website Committee

The Website Committee shall be in charge of maintaining and updating the website URL with current and pertinent LIW information. This will include establishing member access as determined by the current roster. The budget of the Website Committee will be reviewed annually and approved by the Board. Only the Website Committee shall have the ability to edit Forum Posts.

Library Committee

The Library Committee’s responsibilities will be to maintain, safeguard and distribute LIW books, tapes, and DVD’s at the monthly LIW meetings and to update the existing database as necessary. The Committee will also provide updated information to the Website Committee as necessary for listing items online. The budget of the Library Committee will be reviewed and approved by the Board.

Article Seven: Nominations and Elections

A Nominating Committee of at least two LIW members in good standing shall be appointed by the presiding officer at the September LIW meeting whose purpose is to create a list of candidates for office elections. The proposed slate for the Board shall be published in the LIW’s newsletter prior to the elections. Elections shall be held annually at the November meeting. The Nominating Committee will present the proposed slate and additional nominations will be received from the floor. To be elected to office, a candidate must be a member for at least one year and have a majority of the vote of LIW members present. A tie vote must be redone at the same meeting or scheduled to be held again at the next meeting.
The term of office for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Trustees, and Membership Chairperson shall be for one year. Officers may be re-elected to consecutive terms. The chairpersons of the standing committees shall also be elected annually. All elected positions shall run from January 1st to December 31st with the exception of Show Chair (see article 6).

Article Eight: Board Meetings

Meetings of the Board shall be open to any member of the LIW who shall have the right to state his views on any subject under discussion. Any LIW member may submit in writing to any board member or via the suggestion box subject for Board discussion at a meeting. Notice of a scheduled Board meeting will be announced at the previous LIW meeting or printed in the newsletter for members’ awareness, except in cases of emergency or extreme circumstance.

Article Nine: Amendments to By-Laws

Proposed amendments to the by-laws by a LIW member shall be presented to the Board in writing and shall contain the signatures of no less than ten (10) active members (in good standing) outside of the Board The exception would be an amendment proposed by the President or member of the Board. Notice of the proposed amendments shall be published in the newsletter, and sent via e-mail to the members in good standing. Print copies of the proposed amendments shall be made available to the general membership, and shall be voted on by the members at the next regularly scheduled meeting. A two-thirds (2/3) approval vote of the assembled members shall be required to amend the by-laws

Article Ten: Records and Financial Audits

The officers of the LIW shall keep appropriate records of the LIW’s business, including
membership lists, minutes of the meetings, financial records, records of LIW assets, lists of past and scheduled speakers, and so on. The outgoing officers shall deliver those records to their successors prior to the first meeting of their new terms of office.

Article Eleven: Reports

A verbal Membership and a summary Treasurers report shall be given at every General Meeting. These will also be posted in the Woodrack every month. Full disclosure reports should be given in a pre-identified month. Board treasurer’s books must be available by appointment to three volunteer members in good standing for review by said members in the month of June. The results shall be published in Woodrack and available for distribution to the membership.

Article Twelve: Buying and Selling

Conducting buying or selling activities during either formal or informal meetings shall be limited to items or services relating to woodworking that are made equally available to the entire membership present unless the Board has considered the situation and granted an exception.

Article Thirteen: Grants and Awards

The LIW may, as it chooses and as its resources permit, bestow scholarships, awards, grants or other forms of help or recognition on persons or organizations pursuing courses of study, doing scholarly research, or who are engaged or have been engaged in projects which are in keeping with the stated aims of the LIW. A separate fund with an annual budget should be set up to fund grants and awards.

Article Fourteen: LIW Representation

Members in good standing may use the LIW logo on stationary (business cards, letters, and forms) only if identifying themselves clearly with the word “member” printed in close proximity to the LIW logo, unless they are a current officer of the LIW, in which case they may identify themselves in their current position in office. Clothing and items purchased and worn with the LIW logo shall be only for promotional consideration of the LIW, and not necessarily represent a LIW member or a person acting in an official capacity on behalf of the Long Island Woodworkers. It should be clearly identified that the member’s opinion may not be that of the LIW.

Article fifteen: Special Interest Groups (SIG’s)

Groups of LIW members interested in a particular aspect of woodworking may organize into SIG’s. These SIG’s must be approved by the LIW Board to operate as LIW sub-groups and to obtain support from the LIW. All members of the SIG’s shall be members of the LIW.

All SIG’s meeting in rent paying locations shall pay SIG dues as determined by the Board. Dues will be collected by the LIW Membership Chairman and turned over to the LIW Treasurer. Rent for the SIG meeting locations will be paid by the LIW Treasured. If a SIG should cease to continue to function, all money, equipment and other items shall revert back to the LIW.

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